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The Original Bingo Club - Little Paul b/w Crystal Needles (7")

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The debut single from The Original Bingo Club: "Little Paul" on Side A, "Crystal Needles" on Side B. 45rpm vinyl is packaged in full-color picture pocket sleeve with photo insert and clear polybag.


The Original Bingo Club is an international collective of audiovisual artists on axis around multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and filmmaker Martin Rousselot. To say that The Original Bingo Club is a band or a team or a traveling circus is misleading. The constituency is always in motion, evolving to the rhythm of whatever faces, ideas, and environs surround it; if five songs throb to the clank-clank of New York trains, five more drift lazily like Marseille’s sail-spotted waves. Scattered stimuli are reduced to a molten wash of melodies and images that, whether heard or seen, conjure a setting for fond reverie and full-fledged flights of fancy. The earnest emotional atmospheres that reverberate from The Original Bingo Club are easygoing but celebratory, equally suited for a midnight peacepipe or a Coney Island carousel. Above all The Original Bingo Club is anchored in honesty, both to its respective selves and to its communal aspirations.

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